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The original Louisa Villea is a 5'x6' oil on canvas
by American artist Rich Thompson
About the painting...
     Louisa Villea is fictional.  She was created to represent the blending of race, creed, and color that makes Louisville, Kentucky, USA a world-class city.  If you are using a tiltable LCD monitor you can actually change her ethnicity to see how she represents all of Louisville's citizenship.
 Tilt monitor back and forth:
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About the artist...
     Richard Wayne Thompson was born in a two-room farmhouse near Upton, Kentucky.  At the age of one his parents moved him to Louisville, where at the age of four he began exploring life through art.
     Rich has a master's degree in fine arts and education from Murray State University.  He has worked in all areas of commercial art and photography.  He worked in the Jefferson County, Kentucky school system as instructor of art and photography at Valley High School.
     Rich likes to combine Realism with Abstract Expressionism in his paintings.  Just as real life is concrete and physical form blended with emotional and mental energy, he enjoys the process of seeing a work of art come alive with realistic, identifiable shapes combined with abstract, free-flowing shapes.
     He is best known for his 1980 painting entitled JESUS in which over 121,000 reproductions have been distributed worldwide.  His most recent notable project was as art illustrator of the best-selling children's book "Mackenzie and the Baby Robin," written by his cousin, former Jefferson County Judge-Executive Rebecca Jackson.
     Rich has spoken and made artistic presentations throughout the eastern United States and in Hawaii, where he lived for a while.
More information about the artist can be found at:
Rich Thompson can be reached at: richthompson@bellsouth.net